Tod Rock
Tod Rock.......TOAD ROCK The mascot of Mount Abu, that is how lovingly the Toad Rock could be pithily portrayed! Perched over a hill, directly overlooking the love lake Nakki, it is one of the most frequented point in the itinerary of all visitors, more so of those from overseas. Apart from being an exciting climb for the mountaineers, it is an appetizing site for those who seek to picnic with a difference. It not only filially keeps an eye on the Love Lake Nakki, but majestically surveys the whole town too.

It is an excellent example of Igneous rocks with breathtaking shapes in the cradle of these oldest mountain ranges in the world, (more than six billion years old). Together with this wondrous sculpture, chiseled by the three great sculptors, the Sun, the Rain and the Wind, there are many more masterpTod Rock ......ieces in Mount Abu.

To begin with there is the Camel Rock as one begins to climb the steep slope to Mount Abu from telati on right hand side nearly 100 meters ahead. Once at Mount Abu, there is no dearth of defined and undefined rocks, the later of which are best left to the flight of fantasy of the viewer. Of the more known ones, there are the Eagle Rock, the Nun Rock, the Whale Rock, the Cobra Rack, the Sentinel Rock, the Owl Rock, the Incredible Hulk Rock, the Monkey Rock, and the Bear Rock, Balancing Rock etc.

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